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Sabre Safety What Our Customer Say 

Sabre Safety is the market leader in providing Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Services to the oil and gas exploration and production industry as well as specialist H2S support including breathing air systems for decommissioning work and shutdown operations for downstream activities. The company was established In 2001 and is registered in Scotland.

Sabre Safety – Impact Project 

I am the IMPACT Senior Project Engineer for the IMPACT Project, carrying out inspection works and engineering improvements to process piping systems in the Brent Field, concrete legs platforms. (BB&BD). Delivery of the IMPACT Project scopes is the remit of the Sigma3 organisation and associated sub-contractors and vendors. Offshore execution of this work on each platform involves deployment of a multi-discipline team, including engineering, specialist vendors, and rope access technicians, on highly specialised inspection and construction scopes of work. 

The IMPACT work-scopes in the Brent Legs are high-profile business-critical tasks and significant milestones achieved in recent months include 

• Satisfactory closure of external HSE Improvement Notice based on safe completion of the first phase
  of the IMPACT scopes on BD.
• In 4Q09 IMPACT received the quarterly Shell Europe Technical Directorate awards for both technical
   achievement and HSE performance (a unique double never before awarded and a clear recognition of the
   Project achievements). 

A significant part of these activities required the use of full time line fed Breathing Apparatus and dedicated support from BA technicians to ensure correct use and operation of the equipment. In order to undertake these scopes of work SABRE Safety were contracted by SIGMA 3 / Shell as specialist providers of bespoke Breathing Systems. 

From the very beginning of the project conception and access design some 6 years ago, SABRE Safety were a fundamental part of the project team and developed a robust, safe and reliable system to allow deployment of personnel within the platform columns. The service provided also included development and implementation of a rigorous training programme for all personnel engaged on the project and ensured via their offshore technicians that regular training / simulations were undertaken as part of the overall project programme. 

This expertise in the field; combined with a focussed onshore team have enabled this project to be completed in a safe and efficient manner with an exemplary safety record. Continual communication and the close relationships developed with the onshore project team provided the “real time” style of management necessary for executing these difficult scopes of work and it’s a credit to the professionalism and dedication of the SABRE team that the project has been delivered in the manner it has been done. 

I would have no hesitation in engaging the services of SABRE in the future and without any hesitation would recommend them to other potential project teams. 
Scott Haley

Senior Project Engineer

IMPACT Project 

Sigma3 (North Sea) Ltd

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