Fire Safety

Sabre is a leading provider of fire safety services for the protection of personnel working in hazardous environments including the energy industries, chemical processing plants, distilleries and food production facilities.

Fire Safety Products

Sabre Safety provides equipment and expertise to ensure a safe working environment for all. Sabre provides a myriad of different products, each one engineered specifically to your requirements.

Knowledgeable and experienced offshore fire engineers are trained to the highest level on all fire safety equipment and systems, for installation and maintenance.

As an accredited safety specialist, you can rely on Sabre for all your offshore fire safety equipment and annual servicing. Additionally, Sabre can design, supply, install and service, a wide range of systems and equipment. Some of the items which can be supplied and serviced include;

  • Fire extinguishers; trolley and portable
  • Fire hose reels
  • Fire hose and hydrants
  • Cabinets and stands
  • Foam inductors and branch pipes
  • Helideck foam monitors and crash equipment
  • Offshore foam testing
  • Fire suppression systems including CO2, FM200 Inergen etc.
  • Breathing apparatus; Scott, Draeger, MSA, etc
  • Emergency escape sets; Scott, Draeger, MSA etc
  • Fixed and Portable gas detection equipment; Honeywell, Gas Clip Tech, MSA, 3M etc.
  • Breathing air compressors
  • Air purity testing equipment
  • Fireman’s suits/helmets/boots/gloves
  • Safety torches and lamps

Fire Safety Services

Fully trained supervisors and technicians will work closely with you to understand the full scope of requirements and associated risks. Sabre are happy to discuss your needs to ensure the proposed solution keeps personnel safe at all times.

Risk assessments

Many of the offered products include risk assessments and design services to ensure safety standards are fully adhered to, securing the safety of people and assets are upheld.

Project management

Sabre’s project management capabilities combine with extensive experience to ensure successful delivery of the required services. They are based on the following key aspects:

  • Design
  • Warehouse & logistics
  • Installation & service

Commercial/delivery options

Sabre offers a range of commercial options to suit your requirements. These include: managed service, sales and service, and sales.

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