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Our team can design, build and install breathing air systems for any type of installation where protection from H2S or other toxic gasses is required.From massive FSO’s with ‘sour’ crude onboard to ‘sour’ gas production units, from drilling operations in sub-Saharan Africa to offshore exploration wells in the Arctic the team has successfully and safely delivered equipment packages with the support of the Sabre Safety technical and training personnel.

If you have a particular issue working in an environment where H2S or other toxic gasses may be for we can provide a world class integrated solution.

Sabre Safety’s brief was to design, build install and commission an Emergency Breathing Air Cascade System capable of supplying air for 105 Personnel… More
Sabre Safety developed a bespoke breathing air system for use inside the Utility Shafts on the Brent Platforms IMPACT Project, carrying out inspection works… More
Sabre Safety was initially engaged by a Major Oil Company to conduct Training Courses on H2S Awareness and Service… More

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