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BP Pakistan

bp pakistan

BP Pakistan 

Sabre Safety was initially engaged by a major oil company to conduct training on H2S Awareness and on the Service and Maintenance of Breathing Apparatus for personnel at a number of their facilities in Pakistan.

As a result of feedback from the candidates on the courses, the client requested a general survey of H2S safety on each of its sites. The purpose was to highlight any areas of concern and make recommendations for improvements in H2S safety. Sabre Safety’s Senior Technical Training Officer, Jock McGuff, conducted the survey and made his recommendations.

He highlighted a number of areas where improvements could be made in both the care and maintenance of essential equipment, the replacement of older obsolete equipment and changes to safety procedures to make them more robust. Whilst several of the recommendations involved big changes for the client, there were a number of others that were simple and could be implemented very quickly These included the creation of additional muster points, ensuring that all equipment was properly marked and the relocation of equipment to a safer or more appropriate area. The “quick hits” were implemented and readily adopted by all personnel.

Having been through the training sessions the onsite personnel were keen to adopt the new processes and to engage more readily in a safety culture. This new confidence was a key factor in all personnel embracing the more significant changes as they were implemented.

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