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Brent Field

brent field

Brent Field 

Sabre Safety developed a bespoke breathing air system for use inside the Utility Shafts on the Brent Platforms IMPACT Project, carrying out inspection works and engineering improvements to process piping systems in the Brent Field, concrete legs platforms.

A significant part of these activities required the use of full time line fed Breathing Apparatus and dedicated support from BA technicians to ensure correct use and operation of the equipment. From the beginning of the project some 6 years ago, Sabre Safety was a fundamental part of the project team. We developed a robust, safe and reliable system to allow deployment of personnel within the platform columns. The service provided also included development and implementation of a rigorous training programme for all personnel engaged on the project and ensured, via their offshore technicians, that regular training/simulations were undertaken as part of the overall project programme.

This expertise in the field, combined with a focused onshore team, allowed the project to be completed efficiently and with an exemplary safety record. Continual communication and the close relationships developed with the onshore project team provided the “real time” management style necessary to execute this difficult work.

Imagine doing your job suspended on a rope in a hot and noisy cathedral-sized chasm, breathing pumped air and wearing cumbersome protective overalls, hard hat, goggles, earplugs and reinforced boots. Incredibly, for the past four-and-a-half years, this has been ‘business as usual’ for the highly-specialised teams involved in the inspection and modification work that has been taking place beneath the lowest decks of the utility shafts in the Brent Field. Senior Project Engineer, Scott Haley, who did similar work in a Brent project during the late 1990s, describes the kitting-out process as “getting dressed up like a Christmas tree – and that’s just with the equipment you need to get you down there and keep you safe, then you have to pick up all the tools you’re going to need to do the job!”

Scott continues: “The utility shaft is a uniquely challenging environment. The artificial lighting gives a strange tint to everything. The fans for the air system are noisy. Confined areas within the pipe work can be quite oppressive, but when you look around you’re very aware of the enormous scale of the shaft.”

The work teams are all experienced rope access experts and underwent a rigorous six-month onshore safety and competency training programme before going on site. The training, on a simulated worksite, covered every possible emergency situation. “Teamwork is essential in this environment and the onshore training helped to develop a close working relationship based on trust and good communication,”

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