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Sabre Safety draws on its distinguished history to provide unparalleled expertise to deliver market-leading, innovative and cutting edge bespoke breathing air solutions with a single and determined focus on meeting the needs of our customers. Our unerring commitment to improving safety drives us to lead our industry. From Oil and Gas to Marine, pharmaceutical, healthcare and Industrial, Sabre Safety Engineering is dedicated to providing a single focus and total service for all our clients.

Engineered H2S Solutions
Compact – Engineered H2S Solutions
Sabre Safety’s compact systems are in high demand. They provide a solution for many small-scale applications protecting up to 30 people… More
Bespoke – Engineered H2S Solutions
On its own the supply of Breathing Air does not ensure safety. Fortunately, Sabre Safety offers the complete safety package… More
Large Scale – Engineered H2S Solutions
Size really does matter. When it comes to safety, there can be no substitute for cubes. Sabre Safety has designed some of the largest Cascade… More
Software – Engineered H2S Solutions
Our Quality Improvement System (QIS) allows you to centralise your organisation’s quality performance. This will help you… More
Sabre Air – Engineered H2S Solutions
Compact, self-contained Zone 1 breathing air compressor. ATEX-approved, and designed in Aberdeen by Sabre Safety’s… More

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