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Your safety means everything to us: it’s our business, all over the world.
As an ISO9001 and OPITO accredited safety specialist you can rely on us for ALL your offshore fire safety equipment and ALL your annual servicing. We can also install new equipment and service exchange old items.
Here’s just a snapshot of what we can supply and service from our offshore service containers: Fire extinguishers, extinguisher trolley units; fire blankets; fire hose reels; fire hose and hydrants; cabinets and stands; foam inductors and branchpipes; foam monitors; foam testing; fire suppression systems; breathing apparatus; emergency escape sets; portable gas detection equipment; air purity testing equipment; fireman’s suits/helmets/boots/gloves; helicrash equipment; safety torches and lamps; pressure relief valves.

Engineered H2S Solutions
Annual Servicing
Annual fire and safety equipment servicing offshore in accordance with offshore marine and fire safety regulations, e.g SOLAS, FSS, MODU, CAP437, PFEER, ABS, DNV, British Standards and Flag States.
Engineered H2S Solutions
Specific Equipment Servicing
Offshore visits to carry out servicing of specific equipment, e.g. heldeck foam system setup and produced foam testing.
Engineered H2S Solutions
New Equipment Installation
Supply and installation of fixed fire suppression systems- CO2/FM200/Novac/Galley Wet Chemical Systems.
In addition:
– An optional detailed report to our clients, which will include any suggestions on improving current working practices, is available.
– Revalidation

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