Engineered H2S Solutions

Sabre Safety draws on its distinguished history to provide unparalleled expertise and cutting edge bespoke breathing air solutions with a single and determined focus on meeting the needs of our customers. An unerring commitment to improving safety drives Sabre to lead the industry. From oil and gas to marine, pharmaceutical, healthcare and Industrial, Sabre Safety engineering provides a single focus and total service for all its clients.

Some examples of engineered H2S solutions are detailed below:


McDermott / Small platform specific

Sabre Cyclone 16

Key Design Features

  • 4500 psi (300bar) Maximum working pressure
  • 0-150psi Outlet Pressure
  • Up to 98 man hours of Breathing Air (at 300bar)
  • Can supply up to 30 personnel Using Scott Health
    & Safety® EU Guidelines NOTE 1
  • Redundancy of equipment built in
  • All equipment is contained within a protective frame
  • Frame Conforms to DNV 2.7-1
  • ‘CE’ Marked


TS Marine Bespoke Gas Detection System

Sabre Safety engineering has also designed gas detection systems for fixed oil and gas installations, MODUs, vessels, and commercial, industrial and educational premises.

The system was designed to protect personnel on a workover/general purpose vessel working in the Mediterranean. The system was configured to fully integrate with the ship’s systems and achieve full IMO & DNV approvals.

Large Scale

Breathing Air Systems are central to Sabre’s business, but not many anywhere in the world are as large as the one shown here under construction.


Designed to allow 105 personnel to remain in a toxic environment for up to 12 hours whilst awaiting evacuation, this system was constructed so that, in the highly unlikely event of a failure of any critical system component, everyone in the cube would continue to be supplied with air to Scott Health & Safety® EU Guidelines (see note 1). Half of the system can provide more than 25,000 l/min of breathing quality air with storage cylinder pressures dropping as low as 5 Bar (70psi). Unlike most cascade systems, this one also allows for the full capacity of the storage cylinders to be used. The specially commissioned pressure reducing stations are two-stage blocks designed to reduce the air pressure from 300 Barg to both 200 Barg for escape breathing apparatus refilling and 9 Barg for the Cascade system, with little or no icing at high expansion points.

Note 1
Scott Health & Safety® EU Guidelines

AIRLINE AIR SUPPLY Airline systems must conform to the Supply Pressure and Flow Rates listed in Table 2. An airline flow test meter can be used to check airline supply pressure and flow.

Airflow supply capacity for a single airline is given in the table below. generally; each additional wearer requires and extra 150 L/min, each additional pair of wearers requires 300 L/min for 1 wearer and 450 L/min for 2 wearers. All measurements must be taken at the wearer end of the line.

barg (psi)
L/min (SCFM)
1 5.0-9.0 (70-130) 300 (10.5)
2 (1 Pair) 5.0-9.0 (70-130) 450 (15.9)
3 (1+1Pair) 5.0-9.0 (70-130) 750 (26.5)
4 (2 Pairs) 5.0-9.0 (70-130) 900 (31.5)


A compact, self-contained Zone 1 breathing air compressor which is ATEX approved and designed by Sabre Safety’s own in-house gas safety team, the SabreAir is a specialist self-contained Zone 1 breathing air compressor for the onshore/offshore and petrochemical market. SabreAir improves safety by containing all operations within one easy to operate and compact unit.

SabreAir – Zone 1 compressor

  • Mounted within a DNV 2.7-3 frame with fork lift channels and lifting points.
  • Air cooled Mattei rotary vane air end directly driven by a dual voltage Zone1 7.5KW motor.
  • Multi-stage filtration system complete with a pneumatically controlled pressure swing dryer.
  • Innovative pressurised air inlet plenum.
  • Fitted ATEX Zone 1 rated flammable gas and hydrogen sulphide detector.
  • Failsafe shutdown protection system.
  • Pneumatically operated audible alarm.
  • Breathing-air outlet re-heater, outlet temperature gauge and manual mixing valve.
  • 450 LPM of breathing air at 7 bars when operating from a 50Hz supply 600 LPM of breathing air at 7 bars when operating from a 60Hz supply.

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