H2S Services

During operations involving the presence or suspected presence of H2S in reservoir fluids or process pipework, the consequences of a release to atmosphere of H2S can result in fatalities or injury to personnel. Sabre Safety is a leading provider of breathing air systems, gas detection systems and H2S services personnel to ensure the safety of your staff are protected at all times.

H2S Services Personnel

Sabre’s most important resource is its personnel. Recruiting the right calibre of person is paramount and Sabre’s field engineers have the right mix of practical ability and technical knowledge. Sabre Safety’s ability to be flexible and committed in an industry where situations can change by the second makes it the only choice when it comes to H2S safety requirements. People make a positive difference to the safety of workforces worldwide and facilitate a step change for Sabre’s customers in the safety and efficiency of their operations.

Continually seeking ways to improve its services, Sabre is delighted that its Customised Vocational Qualification (CVQ), H2S Safety Supervisor, has been approved by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA). Sabre strives to work to the best possible standard. The CVQ improves the ability of Sabre to ensure that all its technicians meet the same competence standards and that levels are maintained in compliance with recognised best practice and regulatory/legislation changes. Clients can rest assured that they will receive the same standard of H2S safety services, with the highest levels of knowledge and professionalism from all Sabre personnel, no matter where in the world they are working.

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