Exploration Drilling

Sabre Safety has been supporting the exploration drilling sector of the oil and gas industry since its inception. Sabre works with companies to assess their needs regarding H2S safety services and helps them to make the safest decisions for their people and assets.

From wireless gas detection to H2S awareness training, Sabre helps ensure the safety of all involved is maintained to the highest standard.


Sabre Safety provides respiratory protective equipment, gas detection and air monitoring solutions for confined space entry and for use during the tank cleaning process. Sabre works to provide bespoke solutions during these and other operations to ensure the needs of its clients and their assets are met.

In addition to the provision of these systems and equipment Sabre can also provide use and wear training to users.


Sabre have been supporting the provision and supply of respiratory protection to various FPSOs for over 15 years. From emergency escape breathing apparatus, gas detection and air monitoring for process areas and confined spaces, Sabre can supply and train onboard the FPSO vessels as required by the client.

In addition to Sabre’s standard offering, it can also provide bespoke solutions at the client’s request.

Offshore Marine Shipping

Sabre offers the provision of fire safety protection to the offshore marine industry including the design, installation, service and maintenance of galley fire suppression systems, first aid and firefighting apparatus. The servicing and supply of Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus (EEBA), Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), gas testing equipment and confined space entry solutions can also be provided.

In addition to the provision of safety systems and equipment, Sabre can deliver use and wear training to customer employees on site or from its purpose-built training centres in Dundee and Aberdeen.


For the mining industry safety is paramount. Sabre provides air quality monitoring and gas detection as well as respiratory protection solutions for areas with potential for irrespirable and explosive atmospheres and confined space entry. Bespoke systems and solutions at the client’s request can also be provided.

As well as provision of the systems and equipment, various training courses to ensure safety levels are maintained at all times can also be conducted.


Sabre provides support to utilities companies for inspection of service pipelines and tunnels requiring confined space entry, quality monitoring services, gas detection and respiratory protection systems and apparatus. Sabre’s products and services have a wide range of applications within the utilities industry and can be used for providing protection for staff working in hazardous areas, such as repair and maintenance, or areas where there is a risk of the presence of H2S.

As well as provision of the systems and equipment, use and wear training to customer employees can also be provided.

For further information on how Sabre can enhance the safety of your industry, contact us.