Fajer Fire & Safety Technologies (FFAST) has signed an agreement to work with Sabre Safety Services to develop project opportunities in Saudi Arabia.

Sabre Safety Services is a UK-based company which has been providing H2S safety services to a wide range of industries for more than two decades. Sabre Safety Services operates on the global stage with significant project experience stretching from the Americas, UK & Europe, the Middle East and Australasia.

Sabre Safety Services has developed a strong engineering design experience and has provided breathing air cascade skid packages on fixed offshore installations. Additionally, Sabre Safety Services has provided H2S safety services on numerous decommissioning projects in the North Sea.

Director of Business Development John Palmer commented, “This is an exciting opportunity for Sabre Safety to work with FFAST in the Saudi Arabian market and where we can partner to maximise the competencies of both companies’.”

Sabre Safety Services is a company within Starn Group which also includes Safehouse Habitats, Dynamic Air Shelters and Safe-Ex.

For more information, please contact info@starngroup.com.