These are unprecedented times and the extent of the global impact of the COVID-19 virus is still developing. At this time the leadership of Starn would like to assure our employees and customers that everyone’s health and safety is our highest priority and concern.

We continue to monitor the situation daily and to follow the advice of the relevant National Health authorities. Given the very dynamic situation, we are in regular contact with our suppliers and key customers.

As well as refocusing our energy on the task of slowing the virus’s spread, at each of Starns operating sites and offices, we are ensuring business continuity is in place to sustain our operations and supply chains so that we can continue to provide vital services to all our customers and partners around the world.

To reduce the risk of exposure we have taken a group approach to promote:

  • Safe Place
  • Safe Person
  • Safe information

As part of a key industry we have taken dramatic measures to ensure people are kept safe by implementing control measures so that the risk of transmission is reduced to as low as is reasonably practicable such as:

  • Ensuring people who can effectively carry out their role at home are supported to do so.
  • Encourage the use of alternative means of electronic communication.
  • Implemented a two-shift system to reduce the number of employees on sites.
  • Ensuring that social distancing is adhered to in the workplace.
  • Increased cleaning of high traffic areas and individual work areas.
  • Provided training and accurate information for all employees.

We will continue to focus on keeping people within our organisation safe and healthy. We encourage everyone to support one another during this challenging time.